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DFF provides logistics transport by road in a professional manner. Our services include the transport of frozen and refrigerated goods as well as dry goods. We do this both for countries within Europe and beyond. We can provide customized transport. With us you have the possibility to choose from partial or complete freights.

Temperature Controlled

DFF Logistics is specialized in the transportation of temperature related products. The products will be transported conditioned between -25 and +25 ℃. We ensure a fixed temperature. The products will keep their quality. Temperature controlled products we mainly transport are meat, fish, vegetables and fruit. We also transport medicines and other temperature-sensitive goods.

Dry goods

We also offer logistics transport by road for dry goods, i.e. goods that are not subject to a fixed temperature. Examples include: building materials, parts for the automotive industry and foodstuffs. The goods arrive in the desired manner by tactically equipped trucks. This prevents damage and other defects.


Groupage involves transporting multiple loads and pallets with a single truck. Your goods are transported together with other goods. Groupage is relatively durable. This is because the space that would otherwise remain unused is filled with goods. In this way, trucks are used optimally.

Logistiek transport over de weg - DFF


Less-than-truck-load transport (LTL) involves shared freight. With LTL, pallets are picked up at different locations. Delivery takes place when cargo space is full. You should be aware that you are sharing cargo space with other companies. This means LTL is not suitable for products that cannot share space with other products.


In full-truck-load transport (FTL), a truck travels from the pickup address to the destination address in one trip. The truck is loaded only with your goods. The transport route is short which saves you a lot of time therefore FTL is a lot more sustainable than LTL. FTL is suitable for a large freight or for companies that do not want to or cannot share their freight with other companies.


The rates for LTL and FTL depend on several aspects. For example: the pickup and destination address, the delivery date, the length and weight of the freight. Curious about the cost for all your logistics transport by road? Then request a no-obligation quote.

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